Innovations in Conservation: Cynde of The Whalemobile

Innovations in Conservation: Cynde McInnis of The Whalemobile

Inspiring school children to make sustainability changes TODAY

My guest for this interview is Cynde McInnis, the founder of The Whalemobile.

The Whalemobile features an inflatable humpback whale that engages school children in ocean conservation topics (see pic below from the inside of the inflatable whale).

Our discussion focused on the ingredients needed for engaging school children in a way that empowers them to make changes in the places around them: school and home. And how Cynde applies many of those same techniques to engaging adults during her whale watch trips.

We also touched on topics near and dear to my heart:

  • reducing choice overload;
  • focusing our calls-to-action on just one thing; and
  • helping individuals believe that they can make a change.

Whether you’re working with children or adults, the approaches Cynde describes here will help you connect with audiences and motivate them to take action.

It was a fun and informative discussion. Enjoy!

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