‘Making Moves’ online course

We’re all working hard to motivate people to make better decisions for the environment.

And it’s frustrating when messages don’t get through and don’t produce the desired results.

“Why are they still doing the things we’re telling them not to do?!?!”

This 8-week course guides you through the exact steps to design an outreach plan that motivates action, so you can move from frustration to celebration!

The 2021 course is sold out!!!  Don’t miss out on the next one. Making Moves will run twice in 2022; tentatively slated for April – May & September – November.

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This course is for you, if…

» You’ve ever felt frustrated that your current outreach efforts weren’t producing the desired results: “they’re still doing the things we’re telling them not to do!!!”

» You’re trying to inspire new behaviors in your community or get people to take action for a cause, but aren’t sure where to start.

» You’ve felt like your messages were only reaching the “already converted” and you need more people to get on board.

» You’ve made great progress but need to keep the momentum going and aren’t sure how to reach the next level.

» You’re interested in building your own capacity as a behavior change communicator.

If any part of your work is asking people to get more engaged in conservation, sustainability or environment related activities and behaviors, then this course will equip you with the skills, insights and process you need to create powerful conservation movements.

Price of the course

The cost of the course is USD $635 per participant.

The 2021 course is sold out!!!  Don’t miss out on the next one. Making Moves will run twice in 2022; tentatively slated for April – May & September – November.

Join the wait-list to be the first in the know on course dates, discount rate applications, and registration deadlines.

Need help convincing your boss???

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Team and group rates are available!

If multiple members of your organization are interested in joining the course, then a team or group rate may be a good option for you. Reach out to me directly to arrange.

Learn more about Team Rates

Team rates: structured so a team works collectively on a single set of worksheets throughout the course with one member serving as the team “lead”.

  • Each member receives the course emails, individual log-ins for the lessons (so they don’t have to watch them in the same place at the same time) and invitations to the private cohort Facebook page.
  • Only the team lead is eligible to receive the certificate of completion for the coursework.
  • Price for the team rate is $635 for the team lead plus $150 for each additional team member. Maximum of 4 add-on members permitted.

Learn more about Group Rates

Group rates: a packaged discount for multiple participants coming from the same organization.

  • Each participant in the group rate can submit individual worksheets.
  • Everyone who completes the coursework is eligible for the certificate of completion.
  • Groups rates are as follows: groups of 4-9 members receive 15% off the standard rate; 10-14 members receive 20% off; 15-20 members receive 25% off.

*Team and group rates can only be applied to the standard rate of the course.

What you will learn in this course

Through the weekly lessons and worksheets, participants will learn how to:

#1) Prioritize behaviors to promote

  • Setting behavior goals & objectives
  • Differentiating between actions & behaviors
  • Creating a behavior journey map

#2) Identify audiences to reach

  • Segmenting and prioritizing audiences
  • Mapping challenges with achieving behaviors
  • Exploring “spheres of influence”

#3) Understand barriers to change

#4) Discover motivators for change

  • Exploring internal and external motivators
  • Identify when motivators are needed
  • Develop an audience profile

#5) Craft compelling messages & images

  • Creating clear calls-to-action
  • Selecting message frames
  • Choosing supportive images

#6) Choose communication methods

  • Reviewing communication & outreach options
  • Exploring effective combinations of methods
  • Choosing best approach for program

#7) Design a comprehensive plan

  • Creating a strategy snapshot
  • Planning first phases of implementation
  • Deciding what to measure and how

Included in the program

Participants receive all the following:

  • 8 weekly live sessions (75-minutes each) with activities, interactions, and time for Q&A.
    • Live sessions are delivered twice to accommodate multiple time zones.
  • Lifetime access to recordings (online and offline versions) to watch replays, or if a live lesson is missed.
  • Worksheets & instruction guides for you to use, keep and incorporate into your own programs.
  • Opportunity to have worksheets reviewed by me and book half-hour working sessions during course for suggestions and feedback.
  • Two group working sessions between lessons to help trouble-shoot difficult sections of the worksheets.
  • Invitation to a private Facebook group where additional questions can be asked, and resources shared.
  • Certificate of completion once all worksheets have been completed and submitted.
    • There are six worksheets in total; each worksheet can take 1 to 4 hours to complete thoroughly.
  • Ongoing engagement post-course as part of the ‘Making Moves’ alumni community (includes webinars, newsletters, ongoing discussions and more).

Brooke’s course was incredibly engaging, useful, and fun! We didn’t just learn theories, she gave us actual tools and techniques that we applied to real-world challenges, building strategies as we went for spurring social movements in our own work.

Willow Battista
Environmental Defense Fund

Brooke is a whiz at applying human behavior dynamics and effective marketing strategies to conservation problems. You’ll learn how to design an environmental campaign or outreach plan that motivates people to address critical environmental issues.

Vanessa Lopez
Defenders of Wildlife

The course included a synthesis of some of the most relevant behavioural science theories and showed how to translate them into effective behaviour change campaigns.

Steve Watson

Over 180 participants representing 35+ countries

Through the course, they designed plans that motivated people to:

  • Use, and remember to bring, alternatives to single-use plastics.
  • Adopt biodiversity-friendly agricultural practices.
  • Get actively involved in watershed and landscape protection.
  • Choose alternative proteins instead of wild meat.
  • Better protect livestock to reduce carnivore-human conflict.
  • Petition for and support wildlife and habitats.
  • Join their events and spread the word to others.

And a whole lot more!

Rated the course as:

Useful or Extremely Useful to their work, 92.6% of respondents

Meeting or Exceeding Expectations, 100% of respondents

4.7 out of 5 stars

Meet the trainer

I’ve been training non-profit organizations and local governments to use behavior change marketing in their conservation programs for over 12 years. Trainees have come from all over the world and have successfully applied these approaches to complex environmental challenges.

I’m passionate about the need to apply behavioral insights and effective communication strategies towards our shared goal of protecting this planet. And I’m excited to work with you through this live, online course!

Learn more about my work here.

Organizations of all sizes have taken the course. Join us!