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How To Motivate People To Act

For as smart as we are, humans rarely decide to do something based on rational arguments, data, or facts.

Rather, we make decisions based on what others are doing around us and how we feel.

This guide will help you discover what motivates people to act and how to apply those insights to your own behavior change projects.

Diffusion of Innovation Handout

Explore how and why change movements grow and spread, and when they become a social norm.

Includes 5 methods for growing a movement you can use to create wider acceptance and adoption of conservation behaviors.

Recommended Reading List

My top recommendations for books, newsletters, social accounts and articles to stay informed on the latest and greatest in behavioral science, marketing strategies and approaches, consumer insights, and beyond.

Slideshare: Balancing the Carrot and the Stick

When tackling illegal activities, do we focus on the fact that we are not catching everyone who is doing the illegal activity OR the fact that people are doing illegal activity in the first place?

Well, we need to tackle BOTH. This Slideshare includes four lessons I’ve learned about balancing the two.

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