Private working sessions

These intensive working sessions are scheduled on your terms and tailored to meet your needs. Use them to:

  • Troubleshoot challenges you’re experiencing in your project.
  • Review upcoming steps to make sure all bases are covered.
  • Receive feedback and suggestions on strategies, messages and plans.
  • Brainstorm new and different ways to reach and motivate audiences.
  • And countless other things!

Working sessions can include members of your team, or just yourself, and there’s no obligation to book more than one.


Sessions cost $99 each and includes a full 60-minute video call (recorded upon request), a follow-up email with additional thoughts and resources, along with the option to send me materials prior to the session (so I can arrive to the discussion as prepared as possible).

Packages of sessions are available, too! Purchase 3 sessions and get a 4th session free.

Contact me to book your session!

“Talking with Brooke gave me an outside perspective on our marketing issues that allowed me to look at our services through fresh eyes. Her understanding of current science and business trends opened up new ways of thinking about what we have to market, who we should be marketing to, and how to reach them. We are off and running on our new marketing project!”

» Ann Staples, Director of Public Education & Communication, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.


Sessions must be booked at least 1 week in advance and payment is expected prior to the call. 24-hour advance notice for rescheduling is appreciated. Up to two reschedules are allowed without penalty. Credit card and PayPal payments accepted.

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