Live Online Workshops

“Making Moves: Creating Conservation Movements” is a live online workshop series that helps conservationists design communication and outreach plans to achieve behavior change.

Through weekly lessons and worksheets, we clarify what we’re asking audiences to do, dive into reasons why people will or won’t take action, and identify practical strategies for motivating change.

Click here to see what the course includes and how to be informed of future workshop dates.

Training Workshops

I offer in-person training workshops ranging from 1 to 3 days, for up to 30 participants.

All focused on creating conservation movements! Agenda items include:

  • Prioritizing specific behaviors to promote.
  • Identifying barriers to behavior change.
  • Selecting message frames that motivate action.
  • Choosing effective communication and outreach methods.

Workshops are interactive, informative, and entertaining!

Check out my standard workshop description to learn more. And reach out to discuss your workshop needs.

Working Sessions

Private working sessions are great for individuals and teams who want additional support on an ad-hoc basis.

These intensive sessions are scheduled on your terms and tailored to meet your needs. Use them for:

  • Quick and immediate feedback on strategies, plans and messages.
  • Brainstorming new ideas and approaches.
  • An outside perspective to cover all bases.
  • And lots more.

Learn more about working sessions here:

Awesome people I’ve worked for and with

Word on the street

Brooke has the theoretical and practical expertise to advise and train conservationists from diverse backgrounds and cultures. She is dynamic, and passionate about the work she does as well as the people she works with, and is an enormous pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

Paul Butler

Brooke is an excellent trainer and highly capable facilitator who creates a positive, stimulating training atmosphere. Her experience in commercial marketing and behaviour change for conservation NGOs is clearly evident.

Stuart Paterson
Fauna & Flora International

Brooke’s understanding of current science and business trends opened up new ways of thinking about what we have to market, who we should be marketing to, and how to reach them.

Ann Staples
NC Public Health

Brooke’s 3-day course had great balance between lecture, exercises, and group work. She is at home in front of the room and creates a space where participants are actively engaged.

Christina Imrich
Wildlife Conservation Society

This was one of the clearest, most direct webinars that I have attended. Brooke Tully did a fantastic job. Her slides were as easy to understand and follow as her talking points.

Kim Young
Wolf Haven Int’l

Brooke has a unique ability to think conceptually and strategically, but not in a way that is divorced from real-world reality.

David Walker
Population Media Center